I Finally Made a Game! (Space Barrage)

Back in 2004 I committed to a contest put on at iDevGames.com. It was called 21 Days Later: Vectorized. It was sort of a mini contest in between the bigger uDevGames contest that was meant to be yearly (and is currently running at the time of this post.) The entries had to be finished in 21 days and the visuals had to look like the old vector games as used for the sit-down Star Wars arcade game, Battlezone, Tempest or the original Asteroids.

Long story short 4 of 5 judges couldn’t play my game, Space Barrage, as it crashed for them. After the blood, sweat, and tears it was a tough break… but I barely cared. It was the first completed game I had made since I was an adult. Furthermore, it can be a fun, addictive game.

It’s a little closer to the game concept of Rampart by Atari than I wanted. I had many expanded ideas — of course I did — but not enough time — of course not. The fun part is that anyone can still play this game. It’s arcade-style endless. What stage can you reach?

Click here for Windows. Click here for Mac.

Here’s the source, if you want. (It’s an Xcode project for the mac, but it can compile for Windows with a little setup.)

No guarantees any of this works on your computer or that it won’t hose it. The Windows version had some bugs way back when. Also, don’t go and try to sell this, it’s mine. ^^
You lead a convoy of transportation barges across enemy space. The barges themselves are without weapons, but when the enemy attacks, you can unleash your deadly cargo. You are transporting weapons supplies, so use the shield generators to set a perimeter and distribute your missile launchers inside. If the enemy gets too close, you’re done for.

Incidentally, I was using some freely available code by arekkusu. He was developing it during the contest and had his own fully 80’s awesome retro-homage game called Shoot Things. It’s short sweet and only for Mac as far as I can tell.

And yes, there is an updated, unfinished version laying around that doesn’t rely on the vector graphics. It’s not ready for public consumption… yet.

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  1. aaron says:

    Arekkusu’s Shoot things moved to a new location when homepage.mac.com went away! http://arek.bdmonkeys.net/SW/shootthings.html

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