I Finally Made a Movie! (Outsource)

About 4 years ago, my friend in LA, Dan Trezise, decided it was time to make a short film. He was going to make a project from the idea we had worked out together back in film school. We had storyboarded it back then as a possible promotional film for Kodak’s Cineon software. It was far too dark and ambitious for such a purpose, and soon Kodak imploded and dropped Cineon altogether. Now, ten years later he wanted to take a crack at it.

We spent some time discussing how to make it a bit more relevant. To help promote the film I created some new concept art to help promote the idea. Here’s two examples:

Max can't see his neighbor in his cell of monitors

Max can't see his neighbor in his cell of monitors

The pod seems unusually smart for a machine

The pod seems unusually smart for a machine

After getting a producer, Dan was able to attract some fantastic talent which elevated the project both professionally and financially. My involvement was limited because I live on the East Coast, but I did make a few trips out there during production. I was able to get my hands into the editing, into the design of some effects elements, and even animate the electricity and some zero-g liquid. Near the completion of the film I was able to participate in some creative decisions during the sound mixing process at Todd-AO (around the same time that Kirk Francis won an oscar for his work there on Bourne Ultimatum)

It was a gigantic task for a 12 minute film. Almost every shot was a multi-layered effects shot. It took years to complete because Dan had a small effects team that, at times, was only him. We have analyzed the little movie up and down, but are ultimately excited to work on the next project. (If I can just get my iPhone game done!)

Over the past year, it’s won many awards and been selected in over 30 festivals, so we are pretty happy. Oh, it’s called Outsource!

P.S. Regarding the post title… I’ve actually made two rather complete short animated films before this in Film school and Dan was the much larger driving force behind Outsource (fronting all the costs as well!) So, the post title is a bit inaccurate… but it fit nicely with previous post didn’t it?

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