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I love me some 8-bit and 16-bit gaming. I’ve got a Metroid-style-platforming-shooting-adventure-exploration game knocking around in my head (yeah, I wrote some notes down, too), I’m just not sure where to target it.

I probably won’t go this route, but I came upon this sweet little library for building flash games with an old-school feel. It’s developed by Adam Atomic, one of the guys working on the Wii version of Cave Story (must-play game, btw.) The Actionscript library is called flixel. You don’t need flash to use it either. You can use free tools.

Going over the the documentation for the library is a nice 101 on building a class framework for a platforming game and it comes from real-world experience — always helpful. You can also find a few little games there that use flixel, including a somewhat stunning short one called Fathom. It’s worth 10 minutes of your time, but it is non-traditional, just to warn you.

Even easier and directly beneficial for indie and retro game designers is this little tool that has been around a long time: SFXR
Sweet little tool for making retro sound effects. Basically, you keep listening to randomly generated sound effects until you like one. Then, you can export it. Could have really used this way back. It works a lot better than I expected. (There is both a Windows and Mac version)

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