Snowball Touch Progress

So, I’m starting to get time to work on Snowball Touch, again. Getting used to the new little guy, after all.

Basic 2D-sliding/zooming/layered cinematics are go. That’s the last major feature that needed to be added. The pic below is from the opening (short) story cinematic and it’s in motion on the device. Kind of a camera pull-back reveal to give some depth and excitement.

I actually developed a separate app to create the animation files for the cinematics. I used the Unity game-dev tool to create it — Kind of an odd choice for that type of app, but I’m always playing with it, so it felt like the fastest/easiest way to go. The little app I made is a very in-house tool, which means… too embarrassing to share or show off, but it gets the job done.

In addition, I’ve got a text box mechanism now for displaying messages when needed. These little things add up. 🙂

Thankfully, the new 3.0 iPhone OS is running the game fine when compiled for 2.2.1, but I’ll need to do a couple of code tweaks to make it a true 3.0 app. Beyond the usual minor headache of updating the development device and messing with provisioning certificates and such the update isn’t effecting development much at all. Good.

As for new 3.0 features, I can’t afford to add anything to the first release, but I am contemplating the possibility of in-game purchasing of stages. Currently it seems to have a negative connotation to some core gamers, but the alternative of releasing small sequels with more stages/features doesn’t seem much different to me. Just less convenient for the user.

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