Snowball Picks Up Speed, Snow

Snowball Touch is picking up speed rolling down the hill towards release. On the way it’s glomming some new features onto itself.

There will be some very basic victory animations that change every 5 stages or so to help with that feeling of progress. Plus, you can try to beat your own times and see if you could have completed the stage with fewer steps. You can also see how long it took to figure out with restarts included.

Snowball Touch stage complete statistics

Hopefully this adds some replay value for the hardcore players out there who really want to squeeze the most out of it. Maybe you’ll find a crazy-short solution to a stage to shock other players with!

My little in-house cinematic editor is working smoothly enough that I can crank these animations out, get the intro and finish animations done, and then we are very close to release.

The technical stuff is almost completely over with: one gameplay glitch to tidy up — not a show stopper — and a few more sound effects to shoehorn in.

I’m also making some decisions on the release. What to leave out, how to sell this. No price set, yet, but there won’t be any online features at the outset. Given the current market I’m not yet targeting any 3.0 specific features either — note that the code is 3.0 compatible and runs as a 2.2.1 app in 3.0 as-is.

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