Snowball Hits Slippery Patch, Slows

My last post is a bit painful to read. Soon after that elated optimism I had to do some deep digging into my code.
This is me in July(!):

The technical stuff is almost completely over with: one gameplay glitch to tidy up — not a show stopper — and a few more sound effects to shoehorn in.

So that glitch wasn’t the only one, and that glitch did stop the show for a while. Ah, innocence.

Anywho, the good news is that I’ve been up and down my code much more thoroughly now. Memory leaks are expunged, player control code is scrubbed up and much better organized for future additions and tweaks, and sound and music work great. Load time between stages is virtually instantaneous, to boot.

One big problem was sound: any iPhone devs reading this you may be familiar with the SoundEngine code included in the old CrashLanding example from Apple and know that it can cause problems and is, of course, not suited to every type of use. Well, I almost scrapped it entirely and wrote my own code from scratch. Fortunately, I was able to work around the leaks and limitations and end up with nice positional audio and no significant problems.

As far as features go, I have one small addition to make. After that, I’ll actually be where I thought I was in July!

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