Yes, it’s one more thing for me to work on while trying to release my game. Yes, it’s like a big iPod Touch. Yes, it doesn’t play Flash. Yes, I want one — at least, one.

As far as my game goes it’s actually inspiring some harder work on it. So far, making it run on the iPad incidentally caused me to clean up some crufty old code in the game (again). Plus, I want this thing out near the launch of the iPad to catch another wave of new users looking for something to try out. It’s a dream, anyway.

When people say it’s like a big iPod Touch I think they mean it as a derision sometimes. I don’t really get that. It’s like mocking a laptop for being a small desktop computer. The size is one of the chief benefits. It’s going to open up the masses to multitouch in a much more useful and natural way. It’s going to look stunning, too, with that high DPI screen as large as it is.

Modified Snowball in iPad Simulator

The whole lack of a Flash plug-in is a problem that is going to slowly become a boon for most people. Let me explain…

Probably the most fun you can have with Flash is playing a game and I do play the occasional Flash game for inspiration. There’s a lot of innovation in that space. On the other hand, a lot of that activity has already found a new home on the iPhone. People actually buy iPhone games and there’s a lot of untrodden ground in that market.

Flash video is an even smaller issue. YouTube is already transitioning directly away from Flash (already started with the iPhone) and Hulu is rumored to be making an app for the iPad. Where those two behemoths roam the rest follow.

All that’s left for Flash to do is run obnoxious Ads, run clunky web sites, run in circles maxing out CPU usage, and run into a wall crashing the browser. Leaving that stuff behind are the more immediately felt boon parts. 🙂

If I were going to gauge the iPads chances of success, there’s not too much to go by right now. The few people who have touched one seem pretty happy. Vocal web buzz from people who haven’t been near one has been negative, especially on tech sites. However, the factor that has been swaying me the most, besides my imagination and personal interests, is the iPhone developers.

The iPhone and iPod Touch developers seem universally excited by the prospects of the “big iPod Touch”. That interests me because I don’t see any sure $ in developing for it. No matter how successful it is, sales numbers for the iPad will be in a different (tinier) league than iPhone numbers, for instance. No, if other developers are like me, they are imagining the possibilities and how they’ll be able to leave many limitations behind while carrying over many benefits from the iPhoneOS platform. There will be no lack of apps for the iPad and there will be a significant amount of enthusiasm behind them. That makes for a very healthy platform.

So much more could be said about the iPad, but it’s all speculation at this point. Might as well wait ’til I have one in my hands.

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