Snowballs Don’t Melt in Space



Snowball floating in space

Snowball is adrift

Snowball is adrift until a certain space game makes its debut on mobile devices. After years of developing Snowball Touch with no public release — honest, it’s fun! — I didn’t want to discuss any other game development. In fact, if I had kept posting another entire game would be in the mix.

My brother had an opportunity to chase his video game designing dreams so we decided to start something new. As far along as Snowball Touch had rolled we wanted to work with the Unity game engine this time. Turns out we work well together and the new thing is almost ready.

Back when Snowball was in early development I really focused in on the controls and it was invigorating to figure out how to make a touchscreen into a viable gaming interface along with everyone else big and small. Years later, this next game has a simple arcade structure to it, but the controls are a big draw again. I have been –ahem– testing dozens of mobile games over the years and I’ve never come across something quite like the very precise approach we are taking.

It will be fun to reveal more soon while we gather more beta testers but don’t give up on Snowball. He’s too cute to melt.

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