Space Barrage Arcade Lives!

Space Barrage Title

Space Barrage Arcade is in the wild and maybe I should let more people know that! I’m sure I’ll publicly contemplate on marketing and how many diverse skills and activities are required to make and sell a game, but today I just want to say we are in a place where the game feels like it’s in a good place with just a few more tweaks to polish it off in a future version. After two months on the store, version 1.1 is now the game it should be.

There is finally a true Buzzabit page right at this domain: Buzzabit Entertainment

It has its own news blog which will be a bit more professional and sales oriented than this personal blog.

Space Barrage Arcade has it’s own page of course but it also has a Facebook Page to like and share and all that good stuff. 🙂

Sometimes there’s activity over at the Touch Arcade forums: (like a recent give away of promo codes): Space Barrage’s main thread.

And then there is twitter. @buzzabit_games #spacebarrage is the one that gets you tweets about this game.

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