Outsource is an award-winning short film directed by Dan Trezise. I was involved from its inception as an idea to promote Kodak's Cineon compositing software, hashing it together with Dan in storyboard form. Years later, before entering production, we reworked the storyboards and I created concept art to help crystalize the ambitious vision. I also helped with effects such as the green monitor readout on the visors depicted above and hand drawn electrical arcs animation. Internet Movie Database page.
Below are examples of my storyboard illustrations compared to the form they took in the film.

Ascension is a concept I've been developing on and off with Dan Trezise for many years

Below is an excerpt I wrote from a feature-length film script. I continually produce concept art to help unify the vision for this ongoing collaboration.


In an attempt to ride a wave of episodic Flash-animated web productions I started work to enter a contest in 2001. Click here to see the work in progress that was cut short when the whole craze died quick and even the contest was cancelled. Note: It needs Flash Player